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Alain Tornier founded Clariance in October 2007.

For more than 40 years, as the president and CEO of the Tornier Group, Alain Tornier served the orthopedic industry with the development, marketing and sales of orthopedic implants. While with the Tornier Company, essentially specialized in the reconstruction of large bones and extremities, Alain Tornier already had an interest in spine surgery, but this activity remained minor. In 2006, when his company was sold to a group of American investors, a new trend appeared on the spine market with the emergence of motion preservation technologies. Interested in this new technological challenge, Alain Tornier met with experts and well-known surgeons with the aim of outlining the future orientations of spine surgery. This is how he founded Clariance, accompanied by spine specialists and with the original objective of developing innovative solutions. Rapidly, while the team was developing both a nucleus replacement and a facet supplementation system, international partners and surgeons expressed the need for new technologies. Clariance thus seized the opportunity to enter the fusion market in a dedicated and creative way.
Since March 2013, Clariance has opened its US subsidiary in the Chicago area to support its US operations.