NeoFacet is an articulating device intended to restore the normal range of motion, while providing stabilization of the spine.

NeoFacet is designed to address the anatomical requirements of the spine in the lumbo-sacral region from L3 to S1. Based on pedicle screws, Neofacet restores the natural motion of the treated segment by a unique connection allowing translational and 3D rotational movements. All moving components are made of a material that has a high wearing resistance. Special treatment of the screws guarantees long-term pedicle anchorage. The surgical technique is similar to the posterior fixation procedures used for lumbar spinal fusion. Consequently, the instrumentation used to implant the Neofacet device is well mastered by the majority of spinal surgeons.

The NeoFacet indications are as follows :

The NeoFacet™ project is co-financed by the European Union.

The Europe is involved in “Nord Pas-de-Calais” with the European fund of regional development.