Mission ans Vision

Safety, clinical effectiveness and the well-being of our patients are our fundamental and permanent concerns. More than a mission, it is an integrated part of Clariance’s culture.


At Clariance, our main mission is to develop and deliver innovative solutions in spine surgery that bring real benefits to patients and simplify and increase the safety of surgical procedures. As a patient and surgeon need oriented company, we are always searching to offer the safest and highest product quality.


We believe that the future of spine surgery consists in mixing well-established fusion technologies with percutaneous surgery solutions, based on solid biomechanical evidence and well defined indications.

We believe that acceptance and success rates are greatly enhanced when surgical procedures implement proven techniques, familiar to and well mastered by surgeons. Surgical techniques and instruments should be safe, reliable and clinically validated. We believe that innovation and a high level of product quality and safety can only be achieved through a close relationship between surgeons and our R&D department. This partnership is an integrated component of our development policy.